MSPT Freeroll is an entertainment based company, providing poker players the opportunity to compete in a series of points based tournaments, at a local venue, every week, for free.

¨ The top 30% of players at the weekly venue qualify for the Regional Tournament.

¨ The top 10% of players in the Regional Tournament advance to the State Tournament.

Session II “Venue Champ” Invitational

Bemidji - American Legion

Saturday, April 19 at 2:00pm

1st Place

Ø MSPT Qualifier seat ($250 value)

Ø Membership to Team Poker Joker ($99 value)

2nd Place

Ø “$5k Bounty” Certificate ($120 value)

3rd Place

Ø $50 towards MSPT hoodies, shirts & hats


The top player from each venue is invited to compete.

The Final Table will be broadcast live with hole cards and commentary!

For more information on “Team Poker Joker” click the above links and follow the Poker Joker on twitter @the_poker_joker

“Zero World Champions, no WSOP bracelet winners, no WPT Champions and not one of us is considered the elite of high stakes poker… yet. We do have passion and drive to take our game to the next level and you will see us laugh our way to the top.”

Alissa Knopps

Jim Ham

Randy Wilcowski

Alissa Knopps

Joel Aker

Renee Lichtenhahn

Alissa Knopps

Keith Abrahamson

Richard Evenson

Clayton Slack

Kevin Leiser

Ron James

Dale Piller

Lorri Christl

Ryan Newquist

Damien Charnoski

Mark Anderson

Scott Sandstrom

Dave Nelson

Matt Okeson

Sheila Lindell

Gary Becker

Mike Wang

Steve Christensen

Greg Kasprowicz

Nancy Gustafson

Steve Johnson

Jeffrey Willis

Paul Schanhaar

Steve Mantei